Synta Solutions LLC dba Repairman

Provider Discount Policy

Date: March 14, 2018

Provider Discount applies to certain situations when Repairman active service Provider has sufficient material fact to believe that the customer would be overcharged unless a discount is given. In these cases, provider can submit to Repairman a request for Provider discount via the app or additional methods as approved by Repairman.

In all such cases, additional documentation shall be required from the Provider upon request by Repairman. Said documentation shall include receipts and detailed description of charges that were improperly computed.

Regardless of the foregoing, under no circumstances should discount be given by the Provider for the following reasons:

1) To circumvent the Repairman’s platform properly computed charges;

2) In anticipation that customer will reimburse same amount in tips, future business or other unofficial and unauthorized ways;

3) In lieu of a future or larger job opportunity or prospective opportunity resulting in financial gain for the Provider.

Repairman service Providers caught violating said policy will be immediately terminated from the platform and may face legal and or criminal action depending on severity of the event.