How to Install Weather-Stripping on Doors and Windows

As a homeowner, we always need to make sure that we are doing all of the little things that help keep our homes in good shape. In the winter time, this to-do list tends to grow as we manage the colder elements. In this article, we want to focus in a wintertime task that is very essential to keeping out the cold air. We are talking about inspecting and installing weather-stripping in your doors and windows.

Here are the DIY steps to help guide you through the process of installing weatherstripping:

Step 1: Purchase self-adhesive weather-stripping from your local hardware store.

Step 2: Remove old weather-stripping. If you are replacing old or torn weather-stripping, remove this from the door or window. Petroleum jelly can help you remove old adhesive stripping. If it does not peel off, you may need a small hammer to pull out the tack nails.

Step 3: Clean the surfaces. Before you put in the new weatherstripping, wipe the surface areas down to remove dirt, dust and any build-up from the previous materials.

Step 4: Measure, cut and install the weather-stripping. Once you have the pieces cut out for each side of the door/window, press the adhesive stripping in place for each side of the door/window. Close the door/window to ensure that it shuts properly with a good seal. Windows can be a bit tricky, as you need to make sure the weather-stripping fits nicely into a groove along the edges of the window, if possible. In some cases, depending on your windows, you may only be able to line the weather-stripping along the bottom edge of the window.

Installing and updating weather-stripping will certainly save energy and block out cold drafts this winter. If you go through this process and you still notice problems with cold air in your home, you may have a bigger issue that needs tackled. We recommend that you bring out a window expert to evaluate the condition of your windows — especially for those in older homes.

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