Have you Noticed Low Water Pressure in your Home?

Good water pressure is one of those things that we take for granted. Let’s face it, nobody likes getting a shower with low water pressure! Here are some other daily tasks where a good, strong water pressure is expected: washing dishes, washing our hands in the sink, cleaning clothes in the washer, and running the outside hose. When the water pressure is low, those everyday tasks are difficult to carry out.

If you notice a sudden drop in the water pressure in your home, this issue will affect your daily life more than you might realize. In this article, we will talk about what causes low water pressure to occur and what you can do to fix it.

Why is the water pressure in my home suddenly low?

First, you need to address if your water pressure issue is occurring throughout your entire home, or just in certain faucets. If it’s just occurring in one faucet, you could have a clogged drain or aerator that needs cleaned out.

If the issue is occurring throughout the entire home, there is likely a bigger problem going on with your water system. First and foremost, you could have a leak somewhere in your system. A leak (such as with a toilet or even a shower) can affect the water pressure throughout the home.

If you do not have any leaks within your home’s plumbing system, you could have a problem with the main water shut off valve or your pressure reducing valve (PRV). If either of these are faulty, you may need to replace them completely to resolve the issue.

How do I fix a water pressure problem?

When it comes to low water pressure in your home, you need a plumbing expert to assess the situation. It may just be that your faucets need cleaned out — but it also may be a bigger problem with your system that needs replaced. If it’s a leak that is causing the problem, this definitely needs immediately addressed by a plumber. You don’t want to end up with costly water damage to your property. Keep in mind, leaks in plumbing systems can be tricky to find without the help of an expert. Homeowners often come across leaks when the problem is out of hand!

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