How to Find and Reset your Furnace Motor Blower

Now that the cold is here, many of us are dealing with some common furnace issues. Maybe you woke up to a freezing cold home one morning? Or maybe you noticed that the air pumping out of your vents is ice-cold? Many of these problems tend to stem from one common issue during the cold winter months: problems with your furnace motor blower.

In most cases, when you have an issue with your furnace motor blower, it’s because the motor overheated for some reason. It may be a disruption with the electric motor. You could also have major dust-build up on the motor that can lead to some problems. If this is the case, you want to find the right device to help blow the dirt and dust off of the motor. No matter what the issue, the solution often lies in resetting the motor blower.

When it’s time to reset your furnace motor blower, here are the steps that you should take:

Step 1: Turn off the power to the furnace. Simply shut down the power by locating the labeled breaker on your main circuit breaker unit. In some cases, there may be a switch on your main furnace unit. This may look like a light switch. Turn the switch off and that should do the trick.

Step 2: Remove the blower compartment cover. You can usually remove the cover by taking out a few screws.

Step 3: Make sure the blower is completely cooled off. Give your system some time to cool off before you touch it. These blowers can be VERY hot.

Step 4: Locate the reset button. This is usually on the side or the back of the blower motor. Often times, this button is red.

Step 5: Press the button in (assuming that this is your issue and that the button has popped). Put the compartment cover back on. Return power to your furnace.

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