Repairman App for Consumers Released!

Available only in Colorado at this time, Repairman is the newest BBB Accredited mobile app that connects customers with nearby available verified, licensed and insured plumbing, electrical, window, roofing, heating and air conditioning home service or repair professionals with a tap of a button in real-time.

Our latest release features bug fixes and optimizations to complement existing features:

– Request on-demand services in real-time
– Conveniently schedule jobs for later
– Track provider live on the map
– In-app calling and texting with provider
– Full service history with invoice detail
– Major Credit Card and PayPal payment options
– Customer Referral Code and Social Media Sharing

Repairman is a mobile platform and application that allows consumers to request professional plumbing, electrical, window, roofing, heating or AC home service or repair. Repairman (Provider) app is for service providers participating in Repairman on-demand network of home service or repair. Quickly sign-in by creating Repairman account or using your Facebook login.

Download the FREE Repairman app from your favorite app store today and connect with professional service Providers near you!

(Available for iOS and Android)

Repairman-App-iOS-Consumer-Download-Apple-App-Store Repairman-App-Android-Consumer-Download-Google-Play

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