Unplugging Appliances for Energy Efficiency in Your Home

Unplugging Appliances for Energy Efficiency in Your Home

We’ve all been nagged by our parents and penny-pinching roommates (perhaps you were this roommate) about turning off lights before leaving rooms, but we don’t give much thought to unplugging appliances altogether when they aren’t in use. There is, in fact, plenty of evidence showing that this should become more common practice. Alan Meier, a senior scientist at the Department of Energy’s Berkeley Lab estimates that on average, roughly 50 appliances are drawing energy while not being used in the average American home. Some individuals may argue that appliances have become much more efficient. While this is true, it is also true that in the time that efficiency has increased so has the amount of devices the average household contains. Certain things like wifi connected speakers and televisions are online 24/7. Many of these devices, use nearly the same amount of energy when they are sitting idle as they do when they are plugged in, and this adds up.  The Natural Resources Defense Council claims that these idling devices cost us 19 billion dollars in wasted energy showing up on our electricity bills every year. Not only is this bad for our pocket books, but it is also very obviously not serving the environment. How can you make unplugging more friendly of a task around the home and office? Connect multiple devices to a power strip and easily switch off multiple appliances at once.

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