Winterize your Home’s Water Pipes

Winterize your Home’s Pipes — BEFORE the Extreme Cold Arrives

It’s getting cold already…and it’s only October. Just wait until the winter gets here. When the extreme cold arrives, there’s one area of your home that you might not necessarily be thinking about: your pipes. For those who of you reading this that have had issues with frozen and burst pipes in the past, you know just how important it is to winterize your pipes. For those of you fortunate enough to avoid these issues, let’s take a quick look at why this is such an important process to consider before the extreme cold arrives.

Avoid the damage

Let’s start out by stating the obvious: frozen pipes can cause some serious damage. When water can not pass freely through the pipes, it will freeze up and burst right through the pipe. This can bring about serious water destruction that could lead to thousands of dollars worth of damage. Depending on where the damage occurs in your home, it can also cause serious harm to your plumbing system that will likely require costly repairs.

Bring out a plumber NOW to evaluate your system

Now is the time to get your plumbing system evaluated. If you have concerns about your pipes freezing, don’t wait until the temperatures drop into the single digits to find out the answer.

Here’s what a certified plumbing expert will look at in your home:

  • Insulated pipes. This is the first thing a plumber will look for — especially in colder areas like garages and crawl spaces. Insulation materials on the pipes will make a world of difference in keeping the water from freezing.
  • Cracks in the exterior. If areas of your home are getting colder than they should be, a plumber will look for and seal any cracks that may be letting in the cold air that could freeze your pipes.
  • Heating sources. It’s possible that you may need to add a heating source of some kind to sections of your home that are not being heated properly — especially if this is where your pipes are located.

What about vacated rental properties?

If you own a rental property that doesn’t get much attention in the winter, it’s definitely a good idea to have a plumber evaluate the plumbing system at the property. A certified plumber will be sure to shut off the main water valve, drain valves and taps, drain the valve in the hot water tank, flush the toilets and remove all water from the tank and bowls and take any other precautions that will help winterize your plumbing system.

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