Your Guide to Avoiding Shady Contractors

If it hasn’t happened to you, it’s probably happened to someone you know. We are talking about getting ripped off by a shady contractor. By no means do we want this article to sound like we are bashing contractors as a whole — it’s only a small subset of shady contractors that are out there.

In fact, we at Repairman work closely with some of the best Denver contractors in a wide variety of fields — from plumbing to electric to HVAC to roofing to windows. These Repairman contractors are verified, licensed, insured and background-checked. These are not the contractors you need to worry about. Let’s take a look at some signs to be aware of if you deal with a contractor outside of the Repairman app.

What are some warning signs to look out for?

If any of the following indicators are true of your contractor, you may want to think twice about working with them any further.

  • No license and no insurance. If your contractor is not licensed or insured for their line of work, you could be in for some headaches down the road — especially with pulling permits or submitting claims to your insurance.
  • Work history is unavailable. If you are unable to get a clear picture of your contractor’s work history, this could be a sign that there is no history. It’s never fun to be the guinea pig. Experience is a major qualification that should never be dismissed.
  • Always late and delayed schedule deadlines. This is a warning sign that shouldn’t be ignored. Your contractor may be delaying the job for various reasons — for example, a lack of workers or equipment. This could lead to problems down the road.
  • Asking for large amounts of money up front. If your contractor comes in with a low ball offer asking for cash up front, this is something to be cautious of; in fact, be careful about putting up a lot of money (especially in cash) at the beginning of a job.

The solution to avoiding a bad contractor

To completely avoid the above mentioned issues that can happen if you come across a shady contractor, check us out at the Repairman App. All contractors are verified professionals. You can monitor your job remotely through the app and all payments are made securely through the app at the completion of the job.

You can download the FREE Repairman app from your favorite AppStore, or directly from the RepairmanApp website to connect with verified plumbers, electricians, roofing experts, window experts, HVAC professionals and more based right here in the Denver, Colorado area. And don’t forget to sign up for our newsletter to receive all of the latest news and updates about our home improvement app. For more information on the Repairman app, along with plenty of home improvement ideas, check out the rest of our blog.

Download the FREE Repairman app from your favorite app store today and connect with professional service Providers near you!

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