How to reach providers during emergency?

Taking care of the things we own is something one learns at a young age. The more valuable something is, the more energy that goes into protecting and maintaining its greatness. It’s no wonder why we Americans pour billions of dollars every year into arguably the most valuable thing we’ll ever own, our home. According to the American House Survey, Americans spent over 380 billion dollars in home improvements and repairs in the last year. Not only do home repairs and updates improve the way we live our lives, but they also reward us financially. With baby boomers aging and requiring home modifications to make their homes safer and millennials applying their love for technology and sustainability to their newly purchased homes, this number is likely to keep increasing in years to come.

All that being said, a thriving home service industry does have its downfalls. Most of them take shape in the form of individuals that would like to capitalize on new homeowners and easy going retirees alike. You don’t have to look very far to read horror stories from homeowners that needed a simple fix and got way more than they bargained for. There seems to be a particular lack of options during an emergency plumbing, electrical or heating and air conditioning repair. Finding a licensed, skilled and trustworthy individual to complete work in your home has also become a dynamic industry with many drawbacks and missing checks and balances. The market is riddled with fraud and scams that in turn make it difficult for qualified and honest tradesmen to build a good repertoire with their clients.

Sites like Angieslist and Next Door have done a lot to make it easier to locate qualified handymen and contractors. That being said, there are still challenges to be met that could elevate the home repair industry for the better for home owners and licensed professionals alike. Repairman doesn’t believe in simply populating a list for a stressed out home owner to comb through while their toilet is actively leaking. Even with a list, how can one really know if the license and insurance listed are valid? Desperate home owners can find themselves taking unnecessary risks just to save time. What happens when the emergency plumber only accepted cash, and that toilet leak makes itself known again by damaging a wall? Suddenly, a leak becomes a lawsuit, and odds don’t look good for the homeowner.

Through a simple mobile app, Repairman allows you to send your emergency plumbing, electrical, heating or air conditioning service request to nearby available qualified pros in real time. This allows both parties to engage in real-time to fix the problem at hand fast. And you have a piece of mind as all service providers on the Repairman network are properly licensed, vetted and insured.

Repairman aims to give time and energy back to both the consumers and the home service providers by providing unprecedented ease, efficiency and support to users of either side of the platform. It also has a larger goal of rebuilding the trust that these often divided parties so badly lack due to decades of miscommunication and exploitation. Home service and repair isn’t going away anytime soon. Let’s make it an industry of teamwork and understanding.

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