The Power of Solar

The Power of Solar

There is no denying that technological advancements are changing the world we live in rapidly. Some for the better, others less so. When we do have the opportunity to take part in the an advancement that actually improves our world while improving our lives, it’s hard to argue against following the trend. Solar energy is one of these advancements. The concept and use of solar energy is not necessarily new. It has been around since the 1950s, but in recent years, thanks to design innovations, its affordability has increased immensely making it widely accessible to the average consumer. According to, over one million homes in the U.S. are already taking advantage of solar power.

Depending on the quality of solar panels you elect to install, you could end up saving up to 80% on your energy costs annually. Though there is definitely a large initial investment, most systems being installed today have a warranty running between 20 and 30 years. Furthermore, if you utilize an on the grid system, when your system produces more electricity than you use, you’ll get credit for the electricity you have produced and sent to the grid. Talk about supporting your community!

Some things to consider when beginning to shop around include:

1. Size – Check your current household energy usage to determine what size system you will need. Your usage is probably measured in kWh and found at the bottom of your bill. What can be done to cut back on this number?

2. System Type – Decide if you are interested in on the grid or an off the grid system. Sometimes referred to as “grid-tied”, on the grid systems connect to electricity grids in your local municipality. When installing them, there are certain codes that must be followed. Know the codes in your area. Check out details on rules and regulations specific to your area here.

3. Budget – What is your budget? Big box stores may have some of the most affordable solar panels, but they will not be the most efficient long-term option on the market. Find out what subsidies might be available for making the switch to solar, and then refine your budget accordingly.

4. Location – With a few exceptions, most states in the U.S. get enough sunny days to take advantage of solar energy. What is most crucial to their effectiveness is deciding where on your property to install them. Some homeowners opt for installing them on their rooftops, but others opt to put them in a different open space on their property. The area where they will receive the maximum amount of direct sunlight is advised. Decide on a place where they will not be blocked by buildings or trees.

5. Installation – Who will do the installation? There are kits in existence that make is possible for homeowners to do much of the install themselves, but when opting for an on the grid system, a licensed electrician will be essential to helping keep things up to code.

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