Mold Management

Mold Management

As most people already know, mold growth goes hand-in-hand with moisture. In nature, they play a critical role in breaking down dead organic matter like dead leaves and trees, but that does not mean their role indoors is as helpful. In fact, mold allergies are quite common and people with them can often display asthmatic like symptoms. While homeowners living in high-humidity climates and near bodies of water are at a greater risk for battling mold, no home is totally risk free. Keep reading for a list of common causes and simple mitigation practices.

Poor Ventilation – Bathrooms are notorious places for mold growth. Having a fan installed in bathrooms with little or no windows is often the best solution for this issue. (The experienced electricians at Repairman are always available to help with this simple install!)

Leaking Pipes – Water leaks from pipes are one of the most common causes for mold growth and often are discovered inside walls due to the mold itself revealing them. Before cleaning up the mold, it will benefit you to call on a licensed and experienced plumber from the Repairman team to take care of why the pipe is leaking.

Condensation – Imagine the steamy looking windows of your car on a cold winter day, and you’ll understand condensation. Cold pipes and even cold tile or concrete are primary candidates for condensation. Keeping your home at a warmer temperature is a good way to reduce condensation. In places where chilly air can’t be prevented, invest in ventilation.

Wet Clothes – Though hanging clothing to dry is often best for the clothing themselves, consider doing to so on a dry day in a room with fans and plenty of ventilation, or even in the sun outside. Never leave wet clothes in a pile for more than a few hours. (*As you know, ceiling fans are an easy install for the expert eletricians at Repairman.)

Damp Basements – Dehumidifiers are a viable option for individuals that know they have poorly ventilated basements with possible exposure to leaks from faulty pipes or even from rainwater. (Pitching the soil around your home and having clean gutters can help mitigate the dreaded rainwater leak.)

After mold has been discovered, it needs to be removed as soon as possible. On hard surfaces, bleach and other household surface cleaners can usually get the job done. Don’t forget to wear a mask!

On softer surfaces, such as walls, one may need to bring in an experienced cleaner to remove the mold. Be wary if someone is trying to charge you lots of money to “test” the mold. It is only in very rare cases when testing benefits the homeowner or the cleaner. The CDC does not even recommend sampling mold for testing as this can release even more spores. Remember that like many other household repair issues, the best way to fight mold is to prevent it. Take care of leaks and crack promptly. Check seals on windows and doors. Throw away carpet or furniture that has been soaked in a flood, and keep your home properly ventilated.

The Repairman experts are always at your service to help with everything from leaky pipes to new fan installation. Call one today and be on your way to less mold!

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