Get your Home Prepared for the Fall Season

Get your Home Prepared for the Fall Season

Summer always seems to fly right by in a flash. Barbecues by the pool turn into s’mores by the campfire. Fall is officially here! For us homeowners, the change in season brings with it some new tasks to keep up on around the house.

In this article, we will go over some things around your home that you should get checked out by professionals, as well as some smaller things that you can handle yourself in preparation for the fall. And don’t worry; we will make sure to have you covered when it comes time to find a repairman for your next project.

Let’s start with some of the professional services to consider:

HVAC check-up. Fall brings with it some cooler weather. Before you turn on the heat for the first time this season, have an HVAC professional evaluate your system to make sure everything is running properly. Many systems — especially the older ones — tend to have issues when they start up after a long period of no usage. It’s better to get it checked out now before you get stuck in the cold.

Roof inspection. The fall is the perfect time to get your roof checked out. Heavy thunder storms from the summer may have done damage that you don’t know about. It’s also good timing to get things inspected before the winter season brings potentially damaging snow or hail.

Window evaluations. Again, the fall season is perfect timing for many of these projects. Get your windows checked out now to make sure you don’t have any issues with seals or cracks that could let in cold air that is bound to come over the next couple of months. Energy efficient windows are also worth considering when you speak with a window expert. These types of windows can save you A LOT on your monthly energy bills.

Let’s take a look at a few smaller tasks that many homeowners can complete themselves:

Clean out your gutters. If you have access to your roof, make sure your gutters are cleared out of any debris, such as leaves, dirt or sticks. Remember to always think of safety first when you are up on the roof. Use the proper ladder and always have someone there to assist you.

Time to put away your outside furniture. I know that doing this task makes summer officially feel over, but it’s important to protect your outside furniture from the cold weather elements. Store them in a shed or your garage until the spring comes back around again.

Test alarms and detectors. With the holidays coming up, that means more cooking, lighting candles and burning logs in the fireplace. Check your smoke detector and carbon monoxide detectors to make sure they are working properly before the rush of the holiday season takes you over.

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