Roast your dinner. Not your plans.

Oven troubles getting you overheated? 

You have a house full of guests and a long list of dishes to prepare by the evening. In the midst of the joy and commotion, you can’t quite seem to get your oven to preheat. What to do?! Before you call for an emergency pizza delivery, read on.

Oven Circuit

Check the circuit breaker to see if the circuit the oven is on has been tripped. Keep in mind that depending on the size of your oven, it could be on it’s own circuit, or connected with others.

Igniter Check

If the circuit breaker doesn’t offer a quick fix, the oven igniter or the oven element may need to be replaced. The igniter is what lights the gas flowing to the oven to create heat inside. If it isn’t functioning properly, you will likely just smell gas upon trying to preheat your oven.

To test if your oven igniter needs to be replaced, turn off power to your oven via the circuit breaker. (Make sure the clock on the front is off!) Then, unplug your oven. Check that the oven is cool, then remove all racks and plates at the bottom of the oven to expose the igniter. Inspect the igniter and its coils for any discoloration. If the igniter looks fine in the initial inspection, plug your oven in and flip the circuit back on for the final test. If your igniter glows an orange color upon turning the oven on, it is not the issue. If it does not glow, it is time to call upon your licensed home service provider with Repairman to come and replace it for you.

Oven Element

Most ovens have two elements. One is on top for broiling and the other is on the bottom. After continued use, they can crack or wear out. Luckily replacing these is a simple task once you have the correct part in your hands. (Check your model user guide when searching for the correct replacement part.)

  1. Make sure the circuit running to the oven is off and the oven is unplugged when changing the element.
  2. Remove all racks and locate the mounting bracket at the back of the oven.
  3. Using the proper screwdriver, remove the mounting bracket from the oven wall.
  4. Now, you should be able to remove the element from the bracket by sliding it toward you. There will be wires connected to it that you must carefully disconnect. (Again, be CERTAIN that oven circuit is off and the oven is unplugged before doing this!)
  5. Your new element is ready to be installed. Attach each wire connector to the probes of the new element.
  6. Slide the element into place, and screw the mounting plate back in.

Ta Da! That’s all there is too it! When in doubt with any of the above instructions, remember your home cooked meals are never more than a quick Repairman request away! Our licensed and experienced home service pros will be sure get the job done in time for dinner.

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